Rowing Challenge March 2009

March 1, 2009

We held our first ever rowing challenge today – the aim was to do 150,000 meters on the ergos in 5 hours. We did this with over five minutes to spare!
The event took place at Kingston District Centre, MK (courtesy of Tesco Kingston). Starting at 10:00, we rowed 1,000 meters at a time, swapping over and rotating through the members who were there. The split times held up well through the day, obviously dropping towards the end. Can’t remember who did what distances but thanks to everyone who took part. Special mention to Tom, Lou’s son, who put in some (very welcome) late 1ks despite not rowing for us.
From memory, those who took part were (let me know if I’ve missed anyone):
Kirsten (8k), Nick (6k), John C (1k), John D (15k), Kieran (3k), Bethany (3k), Pierre-Yves (15k), Paula (15k), Jo (4k), Clare (15k), Steve (15k), Mariano (9k), Lou (9k), Tom (5k!), Mike (9k) and Becks (3k). Oh, and me (15k).
Photos on line already at MKRC Fotopic site and the MKRC Juniors Fotopic site


January 18, 2009

OK, today saw our first real activity of the year with the inaugural MKRC Rowathlon. After three weeks of enforced inactivity (two weeks with the lake frozen and yesterday blowing a gale), Steve had organised this event. A gentle 2K ergo was followed by a 12K bike ride and then a mere 3K run to finish.

Despite the anesthetic (alcohol) this evening, I’m still in total agony. I think there are a few bits that don’t ache but I’m sure the morning will see to those as well. Steve tells me it’s good training, with the Head races coming up. I think he’s “being economical with the truth” here and just enjoys inflicting pain and anguish on people.

Anyhow, congratulations to the winners (Paul for Men’s Open, Pierre-Yves for Men’s Veteran, Helen M for Women’s Open and Paula for Women’s Veteran) and thanks to Tring Brewery for sponsoring us.

The scary thing is that Steve has suggested we do this regularly – I’m in favour of adding the handicapped swim for him (handicap is to tie the training weights to his feet and drop him in Caldecotte Lake….)

Seriously, did “enjoy” it really and would do it again – thanks Steve

Surprising myself, photos are already online at the MKRC fotopic site


December 13, 2008

Haven’t had a chance to write much recently (not that there’s been a lot to write about) but I find myself with a bit of spare time this morning, courtesy of the weather. Having been perfectly calm all week (Caldecotte Lake was like a millpond on Monday and Thursday) this morning the wind was steady at 15 knots and gusting higher. The lake looked more like the tideway, with a strong stream running. No chance of getting out in this, so we had the “joy” of an early morning circuit. Just for a change, Steve threw in ergos as well, six minutes at rate 26. Exactly what we needed first thing on Saturday morning. Still, it was nicer indoors than out. Mind you, there was a noticeable lack of people down this morning, especially men…

Major event last week was the Christmas Party. Very well attended and a really enjoyable night. More than enough food to go round (good thing we’re rowers, otherwise there would have been a mountain of stuff left) and livened up with a couple of party games. Will impressed everyone with his detailed knowledge of Mr. Men characters to win that contest. The competitive nature of us all was well demonstrated in the over/under game – how can something so simple wind up being such a competition? Still, we won when the other team burst their balloon (and, no we didn’t sabotage it as was being muttered by the losers).

Some of you may have noticed there’s a couple of other links on the right of this. I’m trying to add in useful rowing related links as I find them – if you want any added, let me know. One good one is the Top 100 Rowing sites – this is like a “hit parade” of rowing sites. To raise our profile, please click on this each time you visit this blog or the fotopic sites; this will move us up the rankings!

That’s all for now – only three more circuits ’til Xmas!!!!!

BIRC 2008

October 27, 2008

Big day out for the club at BIRC (British Indoor Rowing Championships) yesterday. By far the biggest ever entry from the club and some very good performances. First taste of the event for most of them as well, with Jo being the only “veteran” of the event. Although entries seemed down on previous years, there were still some great races but the atmosphere seemed a bit flat compared to other times.

Anyhow, the results for MKRC were:

WJ14 (4 minutes)
Bethany Elliot – 944 meters – 44th
Jordan Elliot – 924 meters – 50th

WJ16 (2000 meters)
Florrie Jordan – 8:38.1 – 22nd
Kate Jordan – 8:41.3 – 24th

J16 (2000 meters)
John Davies – 7:25.6 – 22nd
Kieran Elliot – 7:34.7 – 28th

WJ18 (2000 meters)
Jo Heywood – 7:35.2 – 10th

J18 (2000 meters)
Salv Cannatella – 7:17.5 – 27th

Women Open (2000 meters)
Lindy Gray – 7:47.6 – 10th

Men Open (2000 meters)
Will Jordan – 6:42.3 – 44th

Great performances all round but special mention to Lindy (only her second ever 2k!), Jo, whose preparations were badly affected by exams, going to Borneo and falling out with previous club and Salv, racing in the lower half of his age group.

Crazily, all of them were down at circuits tonight!

Well done all. Full BIRC results are at