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MKRC – Milton Keynes Rowing Club

Hi – this is a new rowing blog set up for members of (and anyone else who is interested in) Milton Keynes Rowing Club (MKRC). We are a small (but growing), friendly rowing club based in Milton Keynes. This is the fastest growing city in Europe, around 50 miles north of London. We are based on Caldecotte Lake, at the South end of the city. We were founded in 1995 but in fifteen short years have managed to qualify crews for Henley (Mens, Womens and Veterans) and take a gold medal at the British Indoor Rowing Championships (BIRC). The official club website is and photos can be seen at Although still quite small in numbers, we compete regularly at both local (such as Star Head, Bedford Regatta) and national events (such as Henley and BIRC) and are usually seen as “punching above our weight”.

We cater for all levels of rowers and scullers, from complete beginners to the sport (for whom we offer “taster” memberships at reduced rates) through to seasoned competitors. Although based in Milton Keynes, we gather rowers from a large catchment area; this includes much of Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

As well as the increasingly well established senior squad, we now have a thriving junior section. This is in association with Row Caldecotte and caters for juniors from 10 – 18. In addition to their own training sessions, the more experienced juniors also train with the seniors and compete at the same regattas, heads and indoor rowing competitions (such as BIRC).

If you want to find out more, either contact us through one of these sites or use this blog to drop us a line


Please note that the views expressed in this blog are those of the blog entry authors and not the official views of Milton Keynes Rowing Club

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