In contrast to last year’s race, everyone seemed to enjoy WEHORR this year. Helped by really nice weather, a far more relaxed start from the Civil Service (instead of the mayhem at Putney) and far more chilled marshalling, it was a really nice day out.

Despite being a virtually scratch crew, the ladies put in a strong performance to record a time of 22:22:40. This placed them 78th of 122 at Intermediate 3 level and 209th of 297 overall. With a bit more training together this could become a very quick boat.

As a mere spectator this year, I can’t add much – would one of the ladies like to add their thoughts?

Results are here and my photos (on Picasa) here


2 Responses to WEHORR 2011

  1. Steve Lawson says:

    I was only the driver, but I thought they did extremely well. I was worried about the Agecroft crew behind us being potentially very quick. In set our sights on the University crew ahead who were rowing a shiny black Resolute. We quickly moved up to about 2 lengths off them but couldn’t close any further. We both started to overtake other crews about Chiswick Eyot. They pulled away and Agecroft began to catch us after Hammersmith and we ended up being squeezed between a crew we were overtaking and Agecroft. We held them off till after the Black Buoy when my traditional lack of judgement of the distance to go kicked in and eventually the crew tired of being told “only another 100m to go”. Tight racing but good fair coxing from the other crews. A grand day out, beautiful weather, great company. Can’t wait for next year when hopefully we’ll get better prepared and a higher finish.

  2. Clare Lawson says:

    A great day fantastic weather excellent day for racing. The race was hard but very satisfing catching crews and rowing 3 abreast at times.
    The team spirt was evident as we picnicked in the sun before the race. Paula thoughtfully provided Mars bars for after the race, which we heard Steve very noisily munching over the mike

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