Henley Women’s Regatta 2010

A desperately disappointing event for the ladies, this one.

Initially, we entered two coxed fours into the Intermediate Club fours category. Unfortunately, because of a very strict interpretation of the rules, the second boat was disqualified. One of the crew had rowed for her other club in a university event and this was deemed to make her an academic rower and thus ineligible.

The other crew had trained hard and prepared well, travelling down to Henley the night before and staying over then getting up early to row the course. In the time trial they felt it went well and thought they had caught up with the boat in front a little. They all came off quite happy and the supporters all felt there were plenty of other slower crews.

However, come the results, Milton Keynes were not in the list of qualifiers; that was such a shock, hearing the list jump from Marlow to Molesey, none of us could quite believe it. On checking the times the agonising truth came out – they had finished in the worst possible position, 17th – the fastest non-qualifying crew.

A real blow and still one we can’t quite understand – just where did they lose the fractions that bumped them out of the qualifiers? All the more galling that the crew they thought they’d caught went on to the semi-final.

Oh well, time to re-group and take stock and move forward. There’s always next year!

My photos from the day at the usual place and more from Big Blade as well.


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