British Masters 2010

Four of us made the trip up to Nottingham for this year’s British Masters (ex Nat Vets). We put in four boats, three doubles and a single (is this the first time we’ve entered sculling boats ONLY?). Pierre-Yves’ unavailability and the Women being focused on Henley reduced the numbers somewhat but we still put in some good performances.

Masters D 2x-

Steve and I out in our usual combination. A reasonable start saw us in the mix for the first 200 but then three of the other boats starting pulling away, leaving us in a fight over fourth and fifth. We held off the other crew (despite me miscounting the “beeps” and slowing down before the line – beginner’s error!) to take fourth – unfortunately, first three went to the final.

Masters A IM3 1x

Tim, having de-noviced last week-end at Peterborough, had to move up a category to IM3. Somewhat unfortunate, given his lack of racing in a single and this saw him trailing the very strong field.

Masters B IM3 2x-

Fortunately (unlike Peterborough) we had plenty of time before Tim and I went out for the next race. We even had enough time for a good session out on the Trent; useful as my footplate came adrift – better to find this out in practice rather than the race. Only three boats in this straight final, us, Dart Totnes and Berwick. Again, we had a nice strong start which left us trailing Dart, just but with a handy lead over Berwick. Although we kept with Dart for the first 250 or so, they gradually pulled away, leaving us to fight it out with Berwick. After one of the hardest races I’ve ever had, we managed to hold them off to finish a runners up in Masters B doubles. A very nice feeling!

Masters C Mixed IM3 2x-

Our last crew of the day saw Steve and Clare take on an RAF/Lincoln composite in a straight final. Given Steve and Clare’s small amount of races and that Clare is still recovering from her broken ankle, perhpas inevitable that the RAF/Lincoln boat won fairly comfortably.


I do like this event. At least you feel you are racing in with a chance, instead of turning up on the start line against huge, hulking great uni kids. Well managed and run – noticeable that the umpires were more lenient here than at Peterborough (one race had boat 4 in lane 2 but no action taken as there was no impeding). Great atmosphere and we’ll be back next year, hopefully in a bit more force.

Only sour note of the day was that someone has “borrowed” one of our sling trestles and forgotten to return it. Please keep an eye out for a green sling trestle, marked MKRC – we would like it back!

Photos are now online at MKRC fotopic site


3 Responses to British Masters 2010

  1. ClareLawson says:

    A very enjoyable day racing no delays at the start due to handicapping. Another good point was the purchase of another Sims doubble for the club

  2. Steve Lawson says:

    I enjoyed the day out, I agree with Rob that it’s a great event. Only thing is that we need to practice a bit more before the event, and encourage the laqdies to participate. Shame we were in the next race and didn’t see your performance, you looked as if you’d given your all though!

  3. Tim says:

    My first national masters. Had a great day out. Really relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to paula support crew too! There is potential for medals, but agree with steve we need to practice in race combos, but also look at where the clever opportunities / combos lie? One for the stats analysts over the winter….
    Enjoyed my single, just grateful for race practice.
    Nice row with rob, given the lack of practice together. That kind of effort is what we’re going to need at henley, so good to have the confidence now that you can push more than you think!!!

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