Bedford Amateur Regatta 2010

Bit of an odd day, this one. Unlike most regattas where we’re up and on the road at some unearthly time to arrive in time for the first race (yes, we always seem to get the first race!) this was a very leisurely affair. We even had time for normal training in the morning – unheard of.

The reason for this was only two boats entered and both were early afternoon races. No mens’ crews unfortunately as no Senior Quads and the event is fours/quads and eights only. With a couple of our men still away, no real chance to put in a sweep oar four.

Of the two womens’ boat that raced, both went out in their first race, unfortunately. The IM3 crew lost by 1 1/4 lengths to losing finalists Sudbury; although our crew beat them away from the start and held a lead for over half the course as Sudbury came back at them the lack of regatta experience in our boat showed and a bit of panic set in, allowing Sudbury to row through. The IM2 boat lost by two lengths to the very strong (ultimately winning) Bedford crew. Not their best race but a reasonable first regatta for a new line up.

It’s funny but we all agreed that although it sounds nice not having to be there all day, it did mean that the girls didn’t really have the race focus and it didn’t really feel like a race day.

Oh well – on to OUR regatta next!!!

Results at Bedford Regatta results page

Photos to follow

Also found these video clips of the two Women’s crews at Bedford:

W.IM2 4+ (about 1:00 minute in)

RC Video

W.IM3 4+ (about 2:30 minute in)

RC Video


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