Bedford Fours and Eights Head 2010

Despite several really good performances, we came away from Bedford empty handed this time. Not so much us putting in poor times as a reflection of how competitive this event is.

IM2 4+

This crew were rowing at IM2 although two of the crew are still Novices! The points tally from Tim and Josh tipped them over the limit. Originally planned to be an IM3 boat with Rob M, Tim swapped in late on when Rob did his back (on an ergo on the previous Thursday!). Thanks to Will Everett for being so obliging to move the crew. Despite Jon and Thomas being very inexperienced, they posted a respectable time of 7:33, fastest MKRC crew of the day

W.IM2 4+

The regular crew of Charlene, Jo, Paula and Steph put in a good time of 7:58 but were well outclassed by CORC who took first and second, and Bedford in third. Only just behind Cantabs, to place fifth. The step up from IM3 to IM2 certainly is challenging.

W.IM3 4+

A real mix of experience levels in this boat. Stroking it was Karen, with plenty of years and many points but the rest of the crew probably muster eight or so races between them. They looked good technically but lack of water time and practise saw them off the pace at 8:28

Novice 4+

Personally VERY pleased with this race. First time I’ve done sweep oar for longer than I can remember, we posted a respectable time of 7:59. Considering the crew comprised a Vet D, two guys in their second ever race and a Novice girlie (Andi subbing in for the injured Rob M), to put in the second fastest club time in this category was pretty damned good. Some interesting photos – spot the sculler in the crew (three with their outside arm between their legs, one with legs locked together…)

W.IM1 4+

A second race for the IM2 crew, rowing up a category. Although this felt a really strong row (I was coxing), following a really good motivational talk by Tim, it was a little disappointing to shave just 5 seconds off the first time. Still this was their second row and came at the end of a long, cold day. Showing the extent of their squad, CORC won this one as well.


As usual, a superbly run event, congratulations to all at Bedford RC. The only gripe I guess is that competing against the school and university crews is a bit disheartening – any chance of separate competitions for club crews?

Special mention to Will Everett (again). After the final race, Tim ran from the Schools’ Boat House to Bedford RC to get the times. By the time he got back, we’d read them off the internet! Didn’t impress him too much but we were very impressed (with the results service and him running there and back).

Results are (obviously) already on line at Bedford RC and photos up at the MKRC fotopic site


One Response to Bedford Fours and Eights Head 2010

  1. Will Everitt says:

    Fair point about the school & college crews. Sadly there are insufficient crews in most events to make the split viable; however I will consider splitting Novice fours in future…

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