Northampton Head 2010

The first race of the year at a cold, cold Northampton saw us come away with four wins for the club. There were other really good races as well from other crews, so a promising start to the year. We put in a good number of crews, especially from the ladies squad, showing the growing strength in depth. This also saw another four new rowers make their MKRC début – including a winning start for Ashling.

IM3 4+
First time out for three of this crew, who only just scraped into IM3 despite having three novices in the boat. Tim provided the experience (and the points) but a good row from the new guys saw a creditable time on their racing début.

Novice 1x
Despite having eight points (regressed!), Tim has no sculling points at all and this was his first race in a single. He accomplished his primary aim (finishing upright and dry) and actually posted a good time, despite a close encounter with the bank. Plenty more to come, was his view, as he gains experience.

Novice 2x-
Josh and Paul were racing (on handicap) against junior crews in this category and had the strength to see them take the win. A few interesting moments for the spectators as they seemed to cut up another MK crew but this was a trick of the distance

Vet C 2x-
Pierre-Yves and I reprised our successful outing at Peterborough last year, winning the category. Despite an interminable delay at the start (thanks to a Women’s Eight who kept everyone waiting in the freezing cold – thanks girls!) we put in a strong row and with Pierre-Yves nailing the lines put in a very pleasing time

Vet C 4x-
Despite a strong looking opposing crew from Canterbury Pilgrims, we pulled out probably our best race to date to win this event. A nice, powerful and controlled race actually saw us post the fastest time in the division, including being faster than an eight! All credit to Simon, picking up his first win.

Womens Novice 4+
First race for Ashling and only the second event for Frances and Andi but the practise and coaching paid off as they took the win in this category, beating their opposition by over a minute! Lou made up the crew and this looks to be a promising combination for the season ahead.

Womens IM3 4+ – three crews
As there was no opposition for the top boat at IM2, it was a case of mix and match at IM3, to produce three crews. These crews managed to place 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the category, all trailing a very quick Stratford boat. Promising to see some of the novice ladies rowing in these boats and not looking at all out of place. Despite not winning, it shows the strength in depth that the ladies are getting

Overall view
Although Northampton isn’t one of the “big” events, it IS friendly and well organised and one of our “must do” races. It’s a good starter for the year with less pressure and a nice bit of river. Somehow they always conjure up the same weather as well – brilliant blue sky but bitterly cold (my toes have only just thawed out). I guess the only suggestion would be to get the eights boated first in each division as we always seem to wind up sitting for ages in the cold waiting for an eight to wend it’s way down. It was really nice to see four new faces in their first events, and all seemed to “enjoy” their first taste of racing. Personally very pleasing to come away from an event with two wins as well. A good way to spend a Saturday!

Photos on-line at the MKRC fotopic site and results up at the Northampton RC site


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