Christmas Party 2009

Proving that we’re not just about training and racing, our Christmas Party was a great excuse for socialising, drinking and taking the mick out of a number of people. It’s amazing how well some of your fellow rowers scrub up – it can be quite a challenge to recognise someone you know really well from the back, dressed in lycra and all how and sweaty, when they’re all smart and made up (well, the girls, anyway). Equally surprising is how the club house can be transformed into a Christmassy party venue.

Pretty well attended and many thanks to those who helped before, during and after (especially Paula for doing so much food!).

Some great memories of the last year rekindled while the Christmas Awards were handed out. I’m sure this isn’t a full list but…

Senior Moment awards to the Ladies Vet crew who carefully de-rigged a boat to re-rig it the opposite way round – only to get down to the water to find they’d put it back exactly the same way as it had been to start with

Lane Discipline award to me, based on my uncanny ability to start on one side of the river at Warwick and wind up hitting the opposite bank (not to mention a rather too close encounter with a bridge at Bedford)

Get Stuffed award for Steve, who managed to bring a packet of Paxo stuffing to Peterborough (he thought it was cake bars, allegedly)

Digging out of a hole award for Steph. Having won at Bedford Quarts she was washing out her pot (prior to having a beer…) and saw someone from another club doing the same. On asking what she’d won, the reply was that it wasn’t hers; in fact she’d been knocked out in the semi – by Steph’s crew. Ooops.

Another one for Steve was the Mr Bump award, for failing to spot the very large barge at Abingdon. The one that’s moored there. Permanently.

Little Miss Chatterbox naturally (despite her very loud protestations) also went to Steph (circuits are SO quiet when she’s not there)

The 101% award went to one of the new guys, John. At his first circuit session he desperately wanted to keep up. So much so, he went very, very white and disappeared outside, to throw up. Shows commitment though…

Owing to her total lack of co-ordination, Becks received the Spotty Dog award. You have to see her pysching up to do these to appreciate this one.

Dean was awarded the special prize of Mr Indecent. Amongst other reasons, this was for his increasingly shredded shorts that he wears to circuits.

Finally, following the saga of the “missing” Galaxy bars of Facebook, an emergency Galaxy was given to Andi, in case Tim hides the others.


4 Responses to Christmas Party 2009

  1. Lindy says:

    Ha ha Steph you make me proud by getting the chatterbox award!! Wait till the summer and the club will be extra noisey because I am there for a long time 🙂 xx

  2. Steph says:

    I still don’t understand where all this chatterbox nonsense comes from… clearly I’m timid and reserved. The award must have been based on sarcasm!

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