Marlow Head 2009

Some great results today, despite some awful weather conditions at Dorney Lake. Top of the pile were Tim and I, winning the Vet Doubles but good showing from the other four crews as well. The First Division went off in clear, calm, sunny weather; by Division Two it was torrential rain and gusting winds. It calmed a bit for Division Three with light rain but some vicious squalls.

Womens IM2 4+
A very impressive row in Division 1 from the ladies crew saw them finish in second place in this category, losing by just 1.8 seconds to the CORC first boat. This was a great result, beating some very big names, such as Marlow, Eton Excelsior and a second CORC boat. The losing margin all the more galling as they haven’t been able to train together for several weeks!

Womens IM3 4+
Rowing in the second Division, this was a truly horrible introduction to competition for Andi and Frances with driving rain and high winds. Despite this, the crew put in a really good performance, finishing fourth of seven. A really good start for the two new girls.

Womens Novice 4+
Again, racing in the second division, the Novice crew rowed well to come fourth in the category, despite a couple of boat stopping crabs.

Senior 2-
Nick and Tim’s stated aim was to finish the course! Rowing at Senior level as this was a late entry, they achieved far more than their minimum aim (despite one crab that they thought was going to have them in) and put in a competitive row to finish a really creditable second!

Vet 2x-
Only Tim and my second race but what a cracker. We swapped around with me stroking and Tim steering and this worked much better. Despite strong cross winds and a couple of big squalls we clicked and put in a really strong race to come away with the win in the Vet 2x- category. Actually feel that rowing on Caldecotte Lake gave us an edge here, being used to dealing with seriously nasty conditions.

Despite a REALLY early start and a lot of doubt about whether the event would go ahead, this was a truly successful day for the club. Coming away from Marlow with a win, two seconds and two fourths shows the progress we are making. Maybe, just maybe, people will stop being surprised at us winning events (the guy handing out medals couldn’t believe it!) and start taking us seriously.

Pretty good event and reasonable marshalling. Just a pity that they handed out pretty tacky medals rather than proper pots to the winners (can’t drink from a medal and at £9 a seat a bit cheap!).

Just be warned – watch out if Guildford are around and hang onto your trestles!!!!!! Just joking and you were good fun, guys! Look forward to seeing you up at MKRC as we hope to be holding our first Regatta next May. Watch this space!

Finally, thanks to Karen for jumping in at the last minute to trailer as the temporary repair to my car failed on Saturday evening.

Photos on-line already at my MKRC photo site.

Results now up on the Marlow RC site


2 Responses to Marlow Head 2009

  1. Tim says:

    Hey – make that 2 seconds places as Nick and I came in 2nd in the pair…..also worth saying well done to Marlow RC. Despite weather during the 2nd div they made the right call to run the 3rd div – although this seemed dubious at the time!!

    • mkrowing says:

      Sorry Tim (and Nick). As the results aren’t up (cough, cough) I wasn’t sure where you’d finished. This was another truly awesome race; well done guys

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