St Neots Head 2009

The first Head race of the winter saw yet another great performance by the ladies, with the WIM2 4+ taking the honours. Despite three of the crew suffering from heavy colds and rowing at IM2 for the first time, their strength and technique was enough to take the win by five seconds over the nearest crew. Considering this was a St Neots boat on their own water that contained some GB Juniors, this was a seriously impressive result. Maybe people will finally take notice and stop being surprised at being beaten by MK?

The other two boats out didn’t fare as well, the second WIM2 4+ boat being a bit off the pace and Steve and Clare making their racing d├ębut in a double had a few steering problems that put them well down the field.

Results on line here, and photos now up at MKRC Fotopic site

No other boats today as no competition for the Quad or Steve and I. Closest I got to racing was coxing the second ladies boat; now I know why my kids get so grumpy when they’re not competing but just watching…

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