Henley Veterans 2009

Great day out yesterday, although neither of our crews made it past the first round. Definitely an experience worth enjoying, racing down the Thames with all the barriers in place and the marquees out. Just a pity that the Vets don’t get to race right down to the HRR finish.

Anyhow, our two boats…

Steve and I were in the Vet D 2x-, drawn against Nemesis. This is the crew that beat us soundly at Cambridge earlier in the season and posted a faster time at the Nat Vets (although in a different category). So, we were under no illusions that this would be a hard one. Despite a good start, we were still beaten away and by the half-way stage were around 1 1/2 lengths down, but still keeping in touch. Over the second half we put in a huge push and clawed back half of the deficit, to finish just 3/4 of a length down. Knocked out but not despondent as we’d given them a hard race and showed a huge improvement from earlier in the year.

Our other crew out was a Womens Vet B 4+, with Charlene, Helen, Paula and Becks, with Jo coxing who drew an unknown quantity in Nottingham RC. Again, a good, fast start but just beaten to it by the other boat, who had problems with their line, getting a warning for heading into our water. This slightly unnerved our crew, upsetting their rhythm and they were trailing by around 3/4 length at the halfway point. Nottingham then pushed away over the second half, finishing (officially, but it didn’t seem like it) 3 lengths down. Again, they weren’t too upset as they felt they had rowed well and just came up against a faster crew.

So, no return trip for second rounds today, but definitely worth taking part. The ladies just missed out (by one race) of having a certain Sir Matthew Pinsent umpiring their race and it was really nice to see him putting back into the sport, umpiring and marshalling and boat checking. Good on him!


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