National Veteran Rowing Championships 2009

Sunday 14th June saw us take part in the National Veteran Rowing Championships for the first time. A big day for the progress of the club and especially for the crews taking part.

Women’s Veteran B IM3 4+
A relatively slow start saw the women’s crew (Helen J, Paula, Becks and Clare, with Steph coxing) lagging behind by some two seconds at the halfway stage. They then staged an amazing fight back, pulling back on Eton Excelsior with every stroke, with neither crew being sure who had won the event as they finished. The Eton crew got the verdict, but by an agonising 1/2 second (later given as 1/3 second!). A truly determined comeback that must have given the other crew a very big scare. Disappointing not to win but a really impressive performance to finish second.

Men’s Veteran C IM3 4x-
Another fast start in the quad saw us in early contention. Unfortunately, lack of race practise caught up with us and we suffered a few poor strokes that dropped us well off the pace. Good experience but probably a bit too soon for us as a crew.

Men’s Veteran D 2x-
Courtesy of Pierre-Yves’ and my win last week, Steve and I had to switch from the Vet D IM3 category to the much more daunting Open Vet D. This also compressed our racing time – leaving us with just 27 minutes between the quad and the double! Still, we had a reasonable start keeping with the other three crews for the first couple of hundred metres. By halfway, we were trailing but a good second 500m saw us pull clear of Twickenham, to finish third overall. Well pleased with the result! Many thanks to the women’s crew who helped with our rapid swap – couldn’t have done it without them

See here for results


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