Cambridge Sprint Regatta 2009

After being on coxing duty yesterday at Bedford, it was Steve and my turn to race today. Second visit to Cambridge, and an opportunity to get a check on progress from our first race together at last year’s regatta.

As we were the only crew with competition (the Vet C Quad and Novice Double had to be scratched – thanks ARA, new rules really helping out) we car topped the double rather than trailering. Great fun sticking this great long black boat on top of a Vectra.

Anyhow, I digress. Although we’d had some good starts and lengths in training yesterday, it all went to pot in the race. A poor-ish start left us frantically trying to catch up, which is pretty hard going over 400m. We took time to settle but in the latter half of the race finally got it together and then started pulling back the deficit. Unfortunately, a case of leaving it too late and we lost to the Cantabs/Nemesis Vet D composite double by 1 1/2 lengths.

Taking some comfort from this (my optimistic streak showing through) it was a lot better row than last year. Just need to sort out my starts and we’ll be there!

Definitely an event to make a bigger effort at next year. Lots of mixed events, which don’t attract points for winning, plenty of novice crews as well, so a good “fun” event and a great first race for new members. A nice location, and such fun to watch some of the mayhem at the start!

Results are available here.

Photos now on-line at


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