Bedford Amateur Regatta 2009

Three womens’ boats out today, all rowing at IM3 (shows the growing strength and scale of the ladies squad though). In the inevitable good weather (OK, just HOW do Bedford do this), all three crews had second round races within minutes of each other – as one of the crews joked, just like buses, none for ages then three come along together.

The first crew off had a hard fought, close race, losing to the eventual winners, St. Edwards School (given as one length but I’m certain we had an overlap on them!) – disappointing especially as this was far from their best performance, also not helped by my steering them into a couple of buoys. The second crew off were more successful, beating Champion of the Thames by two lengths before the last boat off also lost out, against the losing finalists from Dame Alice.

In the third round the ladies went down to the Dame Alice crews, this time by (allegedly) 3 1/2 lengths – we were very surprised at this as it certainly seemed a lot closer.

Not as successful as previous events this year but some strong performances. All crews agreed that lack of starts in real events didn’t help, neither did being behind on the stagger.

No photos from me today – coxing in the first race and, hate to admit it, forgot my camera! Well, Steve and I had sneaked in a practice at Caldecotte first thing as we didn’t have to be at Bedford until quite late (made a VERY nice change).

However, some photos now available, courtesy of Charlene’s husband Rob. These are in the usual place,

Great to see Bob all togged up in his finery as he attended his first event as an umpire. Well done to him – although a bit miffed he wouldn’t let me have a head start in our race…

No mens crews out – ominously, no competition for either the Vet C quad or the J18 quad. First case of the new rules killing competition?

Bedford Regatta results can be found here


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