Training at last!

For the first time in what seems (and actually is) ages, we got out on the water this morning. Although a bit cold at first, there was no wind, no ice and no fog – we’ve lost sessions to all of those so far this year. This was only our second water session this year (plus the races at Northampton).

Encouragingly, we had quite a lot of traffic out on the lake. First session saw no less than five different fours/quads plus a pair and a single (plus the juniors). Nice to see several new or, in the case of Ed, returning faces. Gregg and Andrea had their first taste of a fine boat in a 4+ and Simon went out with us in the quad for his first ever try at sculling. All of them did really well. The second session saw Will braving a single – rather him than me with the water temperature still just off freezing.

Some really good work-outs but boy, the time off showed itself with the number of blisters!!

Now to start practicing for the next event – this will be Bedford Small Boats in April. Really missing the competitions, having had Bedford 4s and 8s canceled because of the flooding on the Ouse and having had to miss Henley as we were snowbound (even if Henley wasn’t).

Wasn’t terribly impressed by Henley – one of the biggest (and probably richest) clubs around and yet no consideration for smaller clubs unable to get to the event. They may be able to write off entry fees if they can’t make an event but that really hurts us. Given that around a third of the entries scratched, I would have thought someone would have had the decency to offer refunds….

Club captain Steve Lawson - ergo in the snow

Club captain Steve Lawson - ergo in the snow

More of this lunacy on YouTube


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