OK, today saw our first real activity of the year with the inaugural MKRC Rowathlon. After three weeks of enforced inactivity (two weeks with the lake frozen and yesterday blowing a gale), Steve had organised this event. A gentle 2K ergo was followed by a 12K bike ride and then a mere 3K run to finish.

Despite the anesthetic (alcohol) this evening, I’m still in total agony. I think there are a few bits that don’t ache but I’m sure the morning will see to those as well. Steve tells me it’s good training, with the Head races coming up. I think he’s “being economical with the truth” here and just enjoys inflicting pain and anguish on people.

Anyhow, congratulations to the winners (Paul for Men’s Open, Pierre-Yves for Men’s Veteran, Helen M for Women’s Open and Paula for Women’s Veteran) and thanks to Tring Brewery for sponsoring us.

The scary thing is that Steve has suggested we do this regularly – I’m in favour of adding the handicapped swim for him (handicap is to tie the training weights to his feet and drop him in Caldecotte Lake….)

Seriously, did “enjoy” it really and would do it again – thanks Steve

Surprising myself, photos are already online at the MKRC fotopic site


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