Haven’t had a chance to write much recently (not that there’s been a lot to write about) but I find myself with a bit of spare time this morning, courtesy of the weather. Having been perfectly calm all week (Caldecotte Lake was like a millpond on Monday and Thursday) this morning the wind was steady at 15 knots and gusting higher. The lake looked more like the tideway, with a strong stream running. No chance of getting out in this, so we had the “joy” of an early morning circuit. Just for a change, Steve threw in ergos as well, six minutes at rate 26. Exactly what we needed first thing on Saturday morning. Still, it was nicer indoors than out. Mind you, there was a noticeable lack of people down this morning, especially men…

Major event last week was the Christmas Party. Very well attended and a really enjoyable night. More than enough food to go round (good thing we’re rowers, otherwise there would have been a mountain of stuff left) and livened up with a couple of party games. Will impressed everyone with his detailed knowledge of Mr. Men characters to win that contest. The competitive nature of us all was well demonstrated in the over/under game – how can something so simple wind up being such a competition? Still, we won when the other team burst their balloon (and, no we didn’t sabotage it as was being muttered by the losers).

Some of you may have noticed there’s a couple of other links on the right of this. I’m trying to add in useful rowing related links as I find them – if you want any added, let me know. One good one is the Top 100 Rowing sites – this is like a “hit parade” of rowing sites. To raise our profile, please click on this each time you visit this blog or the fotopic sites; this will move us up the rankings!

That’s all for now – only three more circuits ’til Xmas!!!!!


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