Veteran Fours Head 2008

In the club’s biggest ever showing at the Tideway, we put out three boats in yesterday’s Vets 4s Head. This year the event was open to non-Vet crews, so we had out a S3 4x-, WS4 4+ and WVet C 4+. All three crews did well, especially considering our lack of distance on the lake, each of the boats overtaking opposing crews.

We were all surprised afterwards at how fast the race seemed to go by – and just how hard the row back was! Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy it and were pleased that they had experienced the race.

S3 4x-
Starting as crew 48 we were under pressure from the start from a young Royal Navy/Royal Marines quad. They caught us very quickly (not that there was any great distance between us at the start) and passed us when Will unfortunately caught a crab. We stayed with them for some distance after this although the pulled away later in the race. In turn, we fairly quickly closed down the Guildford crew that had started in front of us and took them quite easily (they were a mixed crew though). We then held station against the chasing boats for most of the course, before putting in a big push at Fulham that opened up a bit more of a gap to the Hereford four following us. There were a couple of really rough bits and one of these, just past Hammersmith, caused me to take a real air shot and the Steve to catch another crab. Despite this, we came in fifth of six S3 crews – as we were rowing S3 purely because Will is “under age” not a bad performance – with a time of 21:51.81 and 49th overall. We also christened the Wintech as a Quad and with it’s new name “Sirocco”.

WS4 4+
A really good row by the S3 ladies saw them finish fourth of eight crews in the category – however, they were the top club crew, with only Uni crews ahead of them.

WVet C 4+
A strong push by the vet crew saw them surge past the other Vet C crew (Lea) fairly early in the race and they pulled away from them to finish second overall in the WVet category

Don’t know if any of the ladies would like to add more on their races – obviously, I can describe ours but not theirs!

GPS trace of the S3 Quad

GPS trace of the S3 Quad


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