Ely Head 2008

Sunday saw the inaugural Ely Head race, held in conjunction with Eastern ARA (supporting smaller regional clubs – nice to see this). The race was limited to singles, doubles and pairs, purely because it’s physically impossible to get anything bigger from the trailer park to the boating area! I must admit, it was nice to see another small club that is as limited in facilities as we are, but equally determined to grow and raise their profile.

The event was well run and marshalled – even the weather was good, considering the previous day was foul! The one big shock though, was when we asked directions to the start; it was something like “row 2k to the finish line. Then 4k to the start, turn round and race back then paddle the 2k back from the finish to the club”. Ouch. A 6k warm up and 2k cool down. Still, good preparation for next week (Vets Head – argh!).

We took along four boats, with Salv and John in a J18 2x, Curtis as J16 1x, Jo in WJ18 1x and Steve and I in a Vet 2x. Fastest of our crews were Salv and John but, with some seriously huge opposition, they managed third in their category. Next up were Steve and I, who won the Vet category. Curt and Jo had strong rows but both showed some rustiness, not having been in a single for some time.

A good event (especially as we won) and definitely one for next year. A pity that all too many of the “big” clubs in the region couldn’t be bothered to support one of the small clubs in the area.

Photos are now available on-line, both on my site at mkrc.fotopic.net and at David Boughey Photographic


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