BIRC 2008

Big day out for the club at BIRC (British Indoor Rowing Championships) yesterday. By far the biggest ever entry from the club and some very good performances. First taste of the event for most of them as well, with Jo being the only “veteran” of the event. Although entries seemed down on previous years, there were still some great races but the atmosphere seemed a bit flat compared to other times.

Anyhow, the results for MKRC were:

WJ14 (4 minutes)
Bethany Elliot – 944 meters – 44th
Jordan Elliot – 924 meters – 50th

WJ16 (2000 meters)
Florrie Jordan – 8:38.1 – 22nd
Kate Jordan – 8:41.3 – 24th

J16 (2000 meters)
John Davies – 7:25.6 – 22nd
Kieran Elliot – 7:34.7 – 28th

WJ18 (2000 meters)
Jo Heywood – 7:35.2 – 10th

J18 (2000 meters)
Salv Cannatella – 7:17.5 – 27th

Women Open (2000 meters)
Lindy Gray – 7:47.6 – 10th

Men Open (2000 meters)
Will Jordan – 6:42.3 – 44th

Great performances all round but special mention to Lindy (only her second ever 2k!), Jo, whose preparations were badly affected by exams, going to Borneo and falling out with previous club and Salv, racing in the lower half of his age group.

Crazily, all of them were down at circuits tonight!

Well done all. Full BIRC results are at


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