Bedford Autumn Fours & Small Boats Head

A great day out at Bedford in the warm autumn sunshine was topped off by the first ever MKRC Junior win!

Kieran and John took the honours in the J16 2x, posting a respectable time of 7:42 to beat Bedford Modern School by six seconds.

We had quite a few crews out today, a couple of Womens 4+ boats, three senior doubles and the (now usual) good showing from the juniors. The doubles were quite tiring as three of us (Steve, Pierre and I) mixed up, doing two races each. Steve and Pierre won this particular battle, followed by Pierre and I and then Steve and I. Pierre and I had the fun of being chased down the river by Kieran and Salv – good motivation to keep going and we beat them by miles (well, two seconds – but we did have an encounter with a bridge and Pierre did stop to beat up a swan, en route). I don’t know about Steve, but I was really feeling this by the end, after yesterday’s little outing on the Tideway!

John’s good day was complete when he won the fight between the J16 singles, seeing off Kieran by just one second. The two Women’s fours were remarkably consistent, just two seconds between them.

As ever, the results service and organisation were brilliant.

Photos now on line as well at


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