St. Neots Autumn Head

The fun of the regatta season is over and we’re back into that unbridled joy that is the head season.  Yesterday was our first head of the season, over at St. Neots. We’d had to pull most of our senior crews (no opposition – what is going on here!!!) so the bulk of the entries came from the juniors.

Hopefully, the weather isn’t a sign of things to come for the rest of the season. It was dire. It rained all the way there and continued all through the first three divisions. Then it got cold. And windy. And colder.

Anyway, enough of the weather, to the racing. Our first crews out were Steve and I, Vet C 2x., and Kieran, J16 1x. After much faffing around at the start (not terribly well marshalled I’m afraid) we got off. It had been raining so much that we had about an inch of water in the bottom of the boat  (useful for gauging how powerful the strokes were, as it surged more when we put the power down) but despite this we had a good row and finished with a pleasing time of 10:59. Much credit to Steve who steered an awesome line down the course, absolutely spot on throughout. There was one great point when Steve called that we were pulling out – to overtake another crew. First time we’ve done that, so very gratifying.

Other crews out were Karen (her first competitive outing in a single for around 20 years, so all credit to her for that!), and Bethany and Jordan (singles and doubles) and Salv and Kieran (also singles and doubles, Salv’s first race for us).

No overall wins to report but three second places (all three of the doubles) and very impressive rows all round. The juniors are definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with and it can’t be long before we get a win, surely.

Final drama of the day was getting off the trailer park. We pushed the trailer off through the quagmire then I needed some willing volunteers to push my car out! Then back home, via Star Club to pick up Martin’s newly acquired boats for the juniors and, a little sadly, Jo’s boat. Following a massive disagreement with her coach at Star, she’s now left them and is coming back to row for us full time. Still, Star’s loss is most definitely our gain so welcome back Jo!


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