Boat names, AGM and stuff

Last night was the club’s AGM. This saw a couple of major changes in the committee, with Nick standing down as Club Captain and Greg stepping down (after many, many years) as Treasurer. Many thanks to both of them for the work they’ve put in over the last year/years.

Our new Captain is my “other half” Steve; I’m going to have to be far more respectful to him in our double from now on… Congratulations Steve, obviously the joy of sculling with me for the season has driven you mad. Paula has volunteered as Treasurer – within minutes she was being asked how to set up Standing Orders! A very quick baptism of fire. Again, congrats, it’s not an easy role, having to extract subs from everyone.

Before the AGM, we had a quick ceremony to name our latest boats. The Wintech four was named “Sirrocco”, the HG double “Foehn” and, in recognition of all the work he does for the club generally and on this boat in particular, the “Irish” eight was renamed “John Cunningham”.

The AGM was followed by a review of the video shot at the last training session. This was really useful, with Dean pointing out to us all a number of areas for improvement. The highlight for many was the extreme tutorial by Nick and Paul in the pair. Nick expertly demonstrating that if you look over the wrong shoulder, you take an air shot. If, at the same time your partner gets a good stroke then laws of physics apply and the boat gracefully turns over. All on video – priceless.

Following this it was Caldecotte Arms time – any excuse will do.


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