End of Season Dinner

The end of the Regatta season saw us having our annual club dinner, with presentation of annual awards. The dinner was at the Mediterranean Grill and was very enjoyable (amazing but Mediterranean Grill is one of the top search terms hitting the club website at the mo!). It was good to see a large turnout with both established and new members being there. Special mention to Ray (our ex-captain) who came along as well, good to catch up with him (especially as he admits to being one of the people who reads this….)

Awards for the year were:

Oarsperson of the year – Will. Given his versatility and willingness to row with anyone and anywhere, this was a spot on choice. He’s rowed (both sides), sculled, coxed, at Novice and S3 levels in a wide number of crews and is always happy to help out.

Most improved – Lindy. I think there’d have been a riot if she didn’t land this. Having started rowing in April (or thereabouts), she’s already de-noviced (first event) and is an established member of the ladies squad and a damned good rower.

Club person of the Year – Me! It seems some people do read this drivel and appreciate it after all…

Good fun and a great evening – even an appearance from our littlest member (Darcy – Becks and Glen’s little one).


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