Only a couple of crews out at Peterborough Regatta, both on the Saturday. However, the lack of numbers was made up for by the quality of the rows by the two crews. Although neither crew won, both put in very impressive performances.

First off was the Women’s Senior 4 Coxed Four (Paula, Steph, Lindy and Helen, coxed by me). A tough looking first round draw put us against Twickenham, Leeds and Peterborough. The girls put in a really strong start and at the first push just powered away from the other crews. Peterborough tried hanging on but our ladies were just too strong and eased off towards the end, winning by a couple of lengths. A really impressive row to take them through to the final.

Next up were the Mens Senior 4 Eight – only the second outing for the eight and a couple of changes with Will coming in for Paul and me subbing for Byron (interesting as I was then rowing bow side but normally do stroke). After being caught in a traffic jam going up to the start, we were last on the stake boats and with a strong cross-wind blowing all the coxes were having difficulty lining up. This led to arms going up and down while coxes tried to get straight – inevitably, the umpire lost patience and started the race even though all crews weren’t ready. We started off pointing straight towards the crew in lane 3! After this we were always going to struggle and were soon trailing. A good strong performance saw us gain steadily on CCAT and we finally overtook them with around 200m to go, to finish a creditable third.

On to the final of the Women’s S4 4+ – we lined up against Staines and Peterborough (Cambridge 99 not showing). The start wasn’t quite so good, allowing Staines to get slightly in front and we were to chase them hard all the way. Again, an early push saw off Peterborough but was covered well by Staines; They sat at half a length advantage all the way to around 750 when they started easing away. The ran out winning by around a length and a half but our time of 3:59 was one the ladies can be really proud of. Especially considering this was Lindy’s second ever race and first 1K!

The juniors took advantage of the trailer going up to Peterborough to grab a lift and went out for a long coaching session on the river, covering 22K.

The weather was atrocious but the performances from the two crews really made it worthwhile.

Update: Photos now on-line at – I only have photos of the eight – if anyone has photos of the women’s crew in either round, please could I have a copy?


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