Caldecotte Circus

Nothing like good weather for bringing out rowers! Monday evening was brilliant, warm, sunny and almost dead calm. The net result was the largest number of boats I’ve ever seen out on Caldecotte Lake at one time. We peaked at ten – a Mens’ Eight, a couple of Womens’ Coxed Fours, a Womens’ Coxless Quad, two Mens’ Doubles and four singles!

Where we were restricted to the South Lake at the start of the session, this made for some interesting traffic jams. This is definitely a new phenomenon, and the lake suddenly seemed quite small. Quite a few needs to “hold it up” during the evening.

The bridge is getting interesting just now; the good weather has led to an explosion in lake weed and going through the bridge is leading to a large number of crabs. Very interesting in singles and doubles!


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