Abingdon Head 2008

Another windy, cold and grey day, so it must be rowing time again. Sunday was the club’s first visit to the Abingdon Head. We put up four crews in all, these reflecting the growing strength of the womens’ squad with an S3 8+ (first time “Great Ouse” has raced under MKRC colours), an S4 4+ and a VC 2x- entered by them, compared to just a VC/D 2x- from the men.

The eight did really well, coming second (of three) – they lost out to a CORC crew but considering that our crew comprised mainly novices (all the points in the boats coming from two ladies who accumulated their points a long time ago and can’t regress them – sore point) and the CORC crew were more all more experienced (info thanks to a “mole” at CORC!) it was a very strong row, beating Eton Excelsior. The S4 4+ didn’t do so well, finishing last despite a strong performance – however, they had all rowed in the eight and the stream was definitely stronger by the time of the last division.

Both of the doubles were first outings for the crews. Steve L and I came third out of four, but with a competitive time. The ladies weren’t quite so much on the pace but, again, this was their second race of the day.

Must make mention of the marshalling at the boating area – this was as slick and organised as I’ve seen at any event. Well done to Abingdon RC for this.

Shame about how long it took to get the results out – we were waiting around for ages as our last crew was in Division 4 and wanted to know how they got on before going home.

Still, even considering the weather and lack of pots, it was a good day. A nice location, definitely one to consider at Regatta time!


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