Bedford Small Boats Head 2008

A good turn out of crews today, although without a great deal of success. Highest placed crew was the Mens’ S2 4+ crew who placed second in their category and eighteenth overall; not a bad result given the very limited water time we’ve had recently (see last post!) and that Rick hadn’t rowed for a couple of months at all. Really pleasing was the number of juniors that we put out. This was the highest by some distance and included two rowers in their first event. The Womens S3 4+ placed well in their category – especially considering they are rowing this high up because of Karen’s points (rant time: why, when she hasn’t rowed for 20 years can she only regress to four points – this automatically puts her up against current high level rowers) and again, limited training. The other crews all struggled to make any impact which isn’t surprising given the calibre of the event and that most of the crews were first time out.

I don’t know what it is about this Head and the weather though. The first three divisions were in bright sunshine, a nice spring morning. However, as our quad rowed down to the start, the clouds built up and while we were waiting to spin and start, the hail started…

2K is bad enough at the best of times but when its in a torrential downpour, that really isn’t fair. And it was the first time I’d stroked the boat in a race.

A special mention has to go to Will Jordan though. He raced in no less than three events on the day, as part of the second S2 4+, with Matt (in his first ever race) in a N2x- and finally with us in the S3 4x-. The scary thing is that he seemed to be the least shattered of the four of us at the end of the race in our quad!

Full results for the day can be found at the excellent Bedford Rowing Club results site and my photos are on-line at


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