Another windy day

What is it with the weather at the moment? We did get out on the lake this morning but it gave us a pretty good idea of what coastal rowing must be like. The shortage of men continues, with only the top four getting out in the new coxless plus yours truly. I tried (briefly) going out in the single but after being blown back onto the bank then into pontoon (after nearly capsizing twice) I figured that an ergo was a better bet. The women got out, again in the eight, including a newcomer, Lindy. She did incredibly well, especially considering the conditions.

The crazy thing is that Thursday night was so calm we were able to get out then, despite it being a bit dark. Will and I were definitely cheating though, practicing in the double – this means we will have some water time ahead of Abingdon Head! It went pretty well, despite a (very) close encounter with a buoy on the last run. The girls got out in the coxless quad but after an even closed encounter with the dam wall, decided to come in. Martin then did some coaching with them until they froze. Still, a good evening, and much, much better than circuits!


One Response to Another windy day

  1. Glad to find you online! I have blogged your site here

    keep up the good work!
    Rebecca Caroe

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