Northampton Head

First race of this year, back to the Northampton Head of the Nene. We had a good turnout today, especially from the womens’ squad, with nine rowers.

In the first division we had a Mens S4 4+ boat (Ray, Will, Nick and Graham with Clarissa coxing). They set a good time and overtook a couple of crews. Next down was a Vet C mens’ quad (Steve L, me, Steve I and Pierre-Yves) – we felt this went really well. This was all in this division – which was rowed into a really strong head wind. At times we felt like we were hardly moving!

The second division had a Womens’ S4 8+ – the first time we’ve put out a womens’ eight for a long, long time. This crew included Kathleen in her first event (the rest being Charlene, Steph, Kathleen, Yemin, Terri, Paula, Clare and Karen with Becks coxing). Despite being the first time they’d rowed together, they put in a neat run and were eventual winners! Thanks to Northampton for loaning us the boat. Next down for us, christening our really nice new HG boat, were Steve L and Pierre-Yves rowing at Vet C. The boat rows well and looks seriously cool.

The final division had a womens’ S4 4x boat (Paula, Steph, Clare and Karen), a womens’ N 4+ (Sadie – in her first race, Yemin, Terri and Charlene, again with Becks coxing), Steve L in his single and making our competitive debut, Will and I in a N 2x. Despite some close encounters of the bank kind, we really enjoyed it! Again, thanks to Northampton RC for loaning us two sets of sculling blades.

Although only the one winning crew, there was plenty of potential on show with some good crew options being suggested. It certainly illustrated the growing strength of the women’ squad and the surge in sculling within the club.


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