New Year – back to training…

After a well earned break it was back to training – time to shed the pounds that went on over the holiday. Circuits started again last Thursday; this was pretty tough and certainly my body wasn’t too impressed. Saturday was back out on the water. Despite fairly high winds we got in two sessions – I went out in a double for the first one (a reasonably gentle paddle as I was with Becks, probably her last row until after she produces) and in a quad for the second. This was a serious piece as we had Steve L and Helen in the boat, neither of whom was taking any prisoners! Still, it was a really good outing, even though I was shattered by the end of it.

Tonight was Martin’s first circuit of the year; obviously he though we looked like we needed a good work out. Boy, did we get one! A mix of CV and weights, something like 20 stations, 25 reps each, 3 times. Given that the pain normally starts at the back end of the following day, the fact that I can only just type this now says something. Still, it is good for me…..

Trying to sort out crews for the first event of the year (Northampton Head). If you read this and haven’t put your name down yet, best contact Ray (and quickly).

Time to go and collapse now!


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