Star Head 2007

Not a terribly successful day in terms of wins but some really good outings from MKRC crews. In the first division, we had a Mens’ Senior 3 4+ crew (Paymon Daneshpay, Raymond Hughes, Will Jordan and Graham Targett, coxed by Clarissa) and a Womens’ Senior 3 4+ crew (Charlene Mills, Karen Wilson, Paula Heywood and Steph Heywood, coxed by Becks Trouse); both crews had good rows but boy was it cold when they’d finished. No crews in Division Two but Division Three saw the Mens’ Senior 4 4+ crew going (Graham Targett, Steve Iles, Will Jordan and Rob Heywood, cosed by Becks Trouse); we were happy with our row, setting what we thought was a pretty good time of 6:09 (especially as Graham and Will had rowed before and Will had switched sides!). In the Fourth and final Division we had the Womens’ S3 4X (Paula Heywood, Charlene Mills, Steph Heywood and Karen Wilson), taking part in their first competitive event and another first with Will’s twin sisters Florrie and Kate in their first ever event at WJ15 2x. A few problems with the quad, with them unintentionally impeding a Star Club 4+ crew (fortunately, the Star crew still went on to win their category – especially as daughter/sister Jo was stroking this boat) but the twins did really well, steering a great line down the course – the first time ever on a river! In the end, no wins but a good (albeit cold) day out. Thanks as ever to Steve Iles for towing and being there all day.


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  1. Rob says:

    Photos from Star Head now online at

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